Let Sleeping Horses Lie / by Paul Granese

I met Brooke Shaden last year when she rented one of my studios in Boston for a workshop. She is an amazing photographer and artists and on top of that a genuinely nice person. The workshop was fantastic and although I was managing the studio and the vent at the time I did have the opportunity to watch her technique and learn quite a few things. 

Recently Brooke posted on Facebook that she is moving from the Los Angeles area and was selling some props from some of her photos as she couldn't take everything with her. One of the props was a mini carousel horse that she had used in a self portrait. In her post she stated, "These are my 3 all-time favorite props and want to give them good homes". I contacted Brooke and told her I wanted the horse and we arranged to meet in North Hollywood for the exchange. We met  at Starbucks and after catching up I took the horse with me and headed home. 

I was trying to think of where to place the horse in my house when I remembered that Brooke said she wanted a good home for it. So being bed time I put the horse in the spare bedroom and bade it a good night. The horse is still sleeping but when it awakens I have plans for it in one of my next shots. Thanks Brooke!



And here's the original photo taken by Brooke Shaden in which the horse was used... 


Copyright Brooke Shaden